Product Selection Guide Page 144 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Luminaire Mounting type Number of lamps in cross section Lamp type Shielding Luminaire row length Maximum section length Voltage Ballast type LLMA LLMS LLMW LLML (blank) Suspended S Surface 1 28T5 28WT5 54T5HO 54WT5HO (Not available with LLMA, LLMS) 32 32WT8(Not available with LLMW, LLML) SSB Semi-specular baffle (LLMA, LLMS only) WPB White painted baffle (LLMA, LLMS only) SSH Softshine lens (LLML only) X FT 4' increments for LLMA, LLMS, LLMW 3FT10IN Individual (R4) for LLML S* 7FT3IN Individual (R8) for LLML S* 10FT8IN Individual (R12) for LLML S* For LLML (Consult factory for row lengths greater than 99FT6IN): 14FT1IN 17FT6IN 20FT11IN 24FT4IN 27FT9IN 31FT2IN 34FT7IN 38FT0IN 41FT5IN 44FT10IN 48FT3IN 51FT8IN 55FT1IN 58FT6IN 61FT11IN 65FT4IN 68FT9IN 72FT2IN 75FT7IN 79FT0IN 89FT5IN 85FT10IN 89FT3IN 92FT8IN 96FT1IN 99FT6IN * Surface Mount: Available with individual units only (3FT10IN, 7FT3IN, 10FT8IN). R4 4' section(s) R8 8' section(s) R12 12' section(s) 120 277 347 GEB10 <10% THD Electronic OS5C* Osram Line or 0-10V (T8) ADEZ* Advance Mark 10 dim (T8, T5HO) ADZT* Advance Mark 7 0-10V dim DMHL3D* Lutron Hi- Lume dim *Not available in 347V. Reference Ballast Wizard on website or consult factory for other options. Number of emergency modules Emergency type* Switching Lamp color Mounting Type (Suspended only) Finish Options (blank) None 1SE 1 section 2SE 2 sections XSE X sections (blank) None EC Emergency circuit EL Emergency battery pack (Not available in 347V) EN Emergency battery pack w/ night light circuit (Not available in 347V) *Emergency type is installed in last 4' of luminaire sections. Separate feed required unless ELS or ELS2 is specified. SCT Single circuit L/LP No lamp L/LPE No lamp. Wired for energy saving T8 lamps. LP830 3000K 80+ CRI LP835 3500K 80+ CRI LP841 4100K 80+ CRI Available with T5 only: LP830P 3000K 80+ CRI Premier LP835P 3500K 80+ CRI Premier LP841P 4100K 80+ CRI Premier Reference Lamp Chart on website or consult factory for other options. F1/ T-bar ceiling (universal mounting bracket) F1A/ T-bar ceiling (UMB with integrated J-box) F2/ Hard ceiling (horizontal J-box) C041 White white (low gloss) C100 Satin anodized finish C099 Custom finish ACG* Adjustable cable grippers BLK* Black cord, cord manager and canopy (not available with F3) CP* Chicago plenum (available with F1A only) DL Damp location label GLR Fusing (fast blow) GMF Fusing (slow blow) MCS* Matching feed canopy at support NEPP5D nLight enabled control module per row/zone NYC New York City code OJB* Offset junction box SLP* Sloped ceiling (for 10-45, must be specified along with F2, ACG and OJB options) XXXX Smart luminaire *Suspended only. PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 144 LIGHTLINE Construction Extruded aluminum housing forms a 3 5/8" x 4 1/16" rectangular profile. Die-cast aluminum end caps mechanically attach with no exposed fasteners. Shielding LLMA, LLMS: Arc-shaped, parabolic low iridescent semi-specular or white painted aluminum louver. LLML: Softshine high- performance lens controls light distribution. Uniform luminance along the length of the lens is achieved with staggered lamps. Reflectors LLMW: Specular asymmetric reflector system with black perforated metal diffuser. LLMA, LLMS, LLML: High reflectance white painted reflector system. Finish Satin anodized finish consists of satin anodized housing with end caps painted to match. Custom colors available, consult factory. Electrical Specify 120V, 277V or 347V. Pre-wired with 16AWG luminaire wires. For special circuiting or wire gauge, consult factory. Plug-in electrical connectors included. UL and cUL Listed. Luminaire Length LLMA, LLMS, LLMW: 4', 8' and 12' lengths in a single section for exact suspension spacing of 4', 8', and 12'. For total luminaire length, add 7/8" for each end cap. Using internal joiners, 4', 8' and 12' sections can be joined to form longer rows. LLML: Stand alone sections are 3'10" (R4), 7'3" (R8), and 10'8" (R12). Rows are comprised of starter, joiner and ender sections of various lengths. Refer to planning guide on website for details. For total luminaire length, add 7/8" for each end cap. LIGHTLINE Direct ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Suspended/Surface PEERLESS ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: LLMA 1 28T5 SSB 40FT R8 120 GEB10 SCT LP835 F1/18 C100 Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Configurations Mitered corner, "X," and "T" connectors available for suspended configurations. Additional pattern connector details available at LLMW Wall Wash 4 (10.3) 3-5/8 (9.2) LLMA Asymmetric Louver 4 (10.3) 3-5/8 (9.2) LLMS Symmetric Louver 4 (10.3) 3-5/8 (9.2) LLMW LLMA LLML LLML Softshine 4 1 / 16 " 3 5 / 8 " 3- 5 / 8 " (9.2) 3- 5 / 8 " (9.2) 3- 5 / 8 " (9.2) 4" (10.3) 4" (10.3) 4" (10.3)

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