Product Selection Guide Page 141 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Luminaire Ceiling type Number of lamps in cross Section Lamp type Baffle (LSR9 and LAR9 only Shielding (LWR9 only) Luminaire row length Voltage LSR9 LAR9 LWR9 G Lay in grid 1 24T5HO* 2'24W T5HO 54T5HO* 4'54W T5HO 14T5 2'14W T5 28T5 4'28W T5 *Available with LWR9 only. LDL Low-iridescent louver HOL Black metal diffuser with round holes U2 2' sections(s) U4 4' sections(s) 120 277 347 MVOLT (Not for use when specifying battery pack) Ballast type Emergency type Lamp color Finish Options GEB10 <10% THD ADEZ* Advance Mark 10 dim (54T5HO only) ADZT* Advance Mark 7 0-10V dim (28T4, 54T5HO) DMHL3D* Lutron Hi-Lume dim *Not available in 347V. Reference Ballast Wizard on website or consult factory for other options. EL Emergency battery pack (Not available in 347V; only available with 28T5 and 54T5HO) L/LP No lamp LP830 3000K 80+ CRI LP835 3500K 80+ CRI LP841 4100K 80+ CRI Available with T5 only: LP830P 3000K 80+ CRI Premier LP835P 3500K 80+ CRI Premier LP841P 4100K 80+ CRI Premier Reference Lamp Chart on website or consult factory for other options. C200 White (low gloss) C201 Black (low gloss) CP Chicago plenum FLNGW Flange kit (dry wall only) white FLNGB Flange kit (dry wall only) black GLR Fusing (fast blow) GMF Fusing (slow blow) NYC New York City code PRODUCT INFORMATION 141 PSG11 LIGHTLINE LIGHTLINE Recessed PEERLESS LSR9 Symmetric Louver (1) T5 3 3 / 4 " 2 1 / 2 " 3 1 / 2 " LAR9 Asymmetric Louver (1) T5 3 3 / 4 " 2 1 / 2 " 3 1 / 2 " LWR9 Wall-Wash (1) T5, T5HO 3 3 / 4 " 2 1 / 4 " ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: LSR9 G 1 28T5 LDL U4 120 GEB10 L/LP C201 LWR9 LSR9 LAR9 Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. Construction Housing is formed, pre-finished steel. Four-stage, iron-phosphate pretreatment ensures superior paint adhesion and rust resistance. Painted parts are finished with low-gloss baked enamel. Reflectors LSR9, LAR9: pre-finished white reflector system. LWR9: Specular asymmetric reflector system. Black perforated metal diffuser with round holes. Shielding LSR9, LAR9: Arc-shaped, parabolic low-iridescent semi-specular aluminum louver. Electrical Specify 120V, 277V, or 347V. For special circuits, consult factory. UL and cUL Listed (NON-IC). Luminaire Size Nominal 2-1/2" aperture. 2' and 4' lengths available. For additional product information, visit

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