Product Selection Guide Page 14 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Advanced to Conventional Technology Lithonia Lighting is the long-standing leader and innovator of linear fluorescent luminaires and controls solutions. This leadership extends with the addition of a broad line of differentiated and intelligently-controlled LED solutions. Front-Of-The-House to Back-Of-The-House The design solution for public areas may differ from those frequented only by employees. The broad product offering from Lithonia Lighting allows different product solutions throughout the space - all designed to be efficient. High End to Value Driven With several (and growing) architectural LED product families, numerous lensed troffers and surface-mounted product options; no one covers the entire value spectrum better than Lithonia Lighting. New Installation to Retrofit Achieve the same lighting effect through the use of a new luminaire or a Lithonia Lighting RELIGHT kit that retrofits into an existing fixture infrastructure. 14 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR Dimensions of a Lighting Solution Lithonia Lighting offers one of the most comprehensive indoor ambient lighting portfolios, providing traditional or LED products that meet the many facets and decision points of a lighting application. High End Retrofit Conventional Front of House Advanced Technology New Installation Value-driven Back of House

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