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PSG11 128 ORIGAMI PEERLESS Construction Formed aluminum housing creates a 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" body. Formed aluminum end caps are mechanically attached with no exposed fasteners. Source Two LED lumen packages (2150 lumens, 4300 lumens) and three available color temperature options (3000K, 3500K and 4100K). Optics Optical system consists of injection-molded primary optic and metal reflector. Finish Aluminum paint housing with gloss white end caps and joiners OR gloss white, red or black housings with aluminum paint end caps and joiners. Consult factory for custom color requirements. Controls Optional nLight-embedded controls allow for constant lumen management (N80) and facilitate simple "plug-and-play" networking and control via CAT-5e cable. Electrical LED light engine consists of modular LED boards and 0-10V dimming driver rated for 50,000 hours (L80) at 25 C ambient temperature. Specify 120V or 277V. Pre-wired with 16AWG fixture wire. For special circuiting or wire gauge, consult factory. Plug-in electrical connectors included. Environment Damp location label optional. Ambient operating temperature between 0 C and 25 C. Luminaire Length 4' and 8' nominal luminaire sections. Add 1" for each end cap to determine total luminaire length. Using joiners, 4' and 8' sections can be joined to form longer rows. Validation CSA/CUS Listed. Individual units are FCC part 15 certified. LM-79 tested. Lighting Facts partner. Warranty Five-year limited warranty includes luminaire construction, LED light engine, driver and optional nLight control device. Terms and conditions apply. Eco-Friendly Packaging 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard box. Biodegradable foam inserts and protective luminaire bag. Recycled kraft paper tape. Smart Luminaire Integrated occupancy sensing, daylight detection and/or network control available. Limitations may apply, see luminaire specification on website for details and option code. Luminaire Light output Luminaire row length Maximum section length Voltage Ballast type Number of emergency modules Emergency type* OR3M1 LO 2150 nominal delivered-lumens HI 4300 nominal delivered-lumens X FT 4' increments R4 4' section(s) R8 8' section(s) 120 277 EZB eldoLED dims to black (blank) None 1SE 1 section 2SE 2 sections XSE X sections (blank) None EC Emergency circuit *Emergency type is installed in last 4' of luminaire sections. Separate feed required. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: OR3M1 HI 40FT R8 277 EZB SCT LP830 F1/24 C301 Switching Lamp color Mounting type Overall suspension Finish Options SCT Single circuit LP830 3000K 80+ CRI LP835 3500K 80+ CRI LP841 4100K 80+ CRI Reference Lamp Chart on website or consult factory for other options. F1/ T-bar ceiling (universal mounting bracket) F1A/ T-bar ceiling (UMB with integrated J-box) F2/ Hard ceiling (horizontal J-box) 12 12" 15 15" 18 18" 21 21" 24 24" XX XX" Overall suspension is measured from ceiling to bottom of luminaire. C032 White white (high gloss) C110 Painted aluminum (low gloss) C301 Black (gloss) C302 Red (gloss) C099 Custom finish ACG Adjustable cable grippers BLK Black cord, cord manager and canopy (not available with F3) CP Chicago plenum (available with F1A only) DL Damp location label DU Dust cover GLR Fusing (fast blow) GMF Fusing (slow blow) MCS Matching feed canopy at support NYC New York City code OJB Offset junction box SLP Sloped ceiling (for 10-45, must be specified with F2, ACG and OJB options) XXXX Smart luminaire (see note above) OR3M1 LED 3 1 / 2 " 5 1 / 2 " Origami LED End Cap Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit OR3M LED PRODUCT INFORMATION ORIGAMI LED LED Suspended 360 TOTA L SYSTEM INTE GR AT ION

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