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Luminaire Number of lamps in cross section Lamp type Reflector Shielding Luminaire row length Maximum section length Voltage Ballast type Number of emergency modules STM9 1 2 28T5 28W T5 54T5HO 54W T5HO 32 32W T8 SPR Specular reflector (blank) Direct only ASH Direct w/ asymmetric uplight on hinge side ASL Direct w/ asymmetric uplight on latch side SYM Direct w/ symmetric uplight X FT 4' increments R4 4' section(s) R8 8' section(s) 120 277 347 GEB10 <10% THD Electronic (All) OSDIM* Osram Line or 0-10V (T8) ADEZ* Advance Mark 10 dim (T8, T5HO) ADZT* Advance Mark 7 0-10V dim (All) DMHL3D* Lutron Hi-Lume dim (All) *Not available in 347V. Reference Ballast Wizard on website or consult factory for other options. (blank) None 1SE 1 section 2SE 2 sections XSE X sections Emergency type* Switching Lamp color Mounting type Overall suspension* Finish Options (blank) None EC Emergency circuit ELBL65STU Bodine emergency self-test battery pack (Not available in 347V) ENBL65STU Bodine emergency self-test battery pack with night light circuit (Not available in 347V) *Emergency type is installed in last 4' of luminaire sections. Separate feed required unless ELS or ELS2 is specified. SCT Single circuit DCT Dual circuit L/LP No lamp L/LPE No lamp. Wired for energy saving T8 lamps LP830 3000K 80+ CRI LP835 3500K 80+ CRI LP841 4100K 80+ CRI Available with T5 only: LP830P 3000K 80+ CRI Premier LP835P 3500K 80+ CRI Premier LP841P 4100K 80+ CRI Premier Reference Lamp Chart on website or consult factory for other options. Damp or dry location: 1 F1/ T-bar ceiling (universal mounting bracket) F1A/ T-bar ceiling (UMB with integrated J-box) F2/ Hard ceiling (horizontal J-box) F4A/ IDS clip 15/16" tee F4B/ IDS clip 9/16" tee F4C/ IDS clip screw slot Wet location: F1B 2 / 3/32" aircraft cable with U-bracket (no wind load) F3A 2,3 / Rigid Stem mount with U-bracket F3B Rigid Stem mount with weatherproof J-box (no wind load) 1 Damp location (DL) option required. 2 Default cord length is 18" longer than overall suspension. 3 Refer to specification on website for wind load applications. 12 12" 24 24" 36 36" 48 48" 96 96" XX XX" * F1B, F3A and F3B mounting only available in 12," 24" and 36" OAS (consult factory for other OAS). Overall suspension is measured from ceiling to bottom of luminaire. C400 Metallic gray C099 Custom finish DL Damp location label GLR Fusing (fast blow) GMF Fusing (slow blow) TRL Tamper resistant latches PRODUCT INFORMATION 127 PSG11 Construction Nominal 10" x 3 5/16" extruded aluminum housing. Three-piece extruded aluminum and polycarbonate hinged and latched door. Die-cast aluminum end caps and joiner brackets. IP65-rated (dust and watertight) assembly. Reflectors Die-formed specular reflectors with 98% reflectance and pre-finished white steel. Shielding All lenses are UV-stabilized polycarbonate. Uplight lenses with asymmetric or symmetric distribution optional. Finish Luminaire, mounting strap and stem all painted metallic gray. Black cord standard with all wet location mounting options. White cord standard with all dry or damp location mounting options. Custom colors available, consult factory. Electrical Specify 120V, 277V or 347V. Pre-wired with 16AWG luminaire wires. For special circuiting or wire gauge, consult factory. Plug-in electrical connectors included. CSA/CUS Listed for wet location. Luminaire Length 4' and 8' nominal luminaire sections. Add 6" for each end cap to determine total luminaire length. Request submittal drawings for joined sections. Eco-Friendly Packaging 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard box, 100% recycled cardboard cradles and kraft paper tape. Biodegradable, protective luminaire bag. STATION Suspended PEERLESS ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: STM9 2 32 SPR ASL 24FT R8 277 GEB10 DCT LP835 F3A/12 C400 STM9 Direct or Indirect-Direct Direct (only) (Latch side) (Hinge side) PLAN VIEW SYM direct with symmetric uplight ASL direct with asymmetric uplight on latch side ASH direct with asymmetric uplight on hinge side Shielding Options: STM9 (1, 2) T5, T5HO, T8 3 5 / 16 " 10" IP65-rated; designated wet location Extruded polycarbonate precision optic Die-cast aluminum sculptured end cap Integrated latches with tamper-resistant option ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit

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