Product Selection Guide Page 119 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 119 PSG11 Luminaire Dimension Ceiling Voltage Driver Type LED Color Temperature Mounting type/ (Pendant only) Overall Suspension (Pendant only) Finish Options MN9 1x1 2x2 1x4 (blank) Pendant G T-grid (Recessed) ST Screw slot grid (Recessed) S Surface (For use on hardtop ceiling and walls only)* RW Recessed wall* *Not available on 1x4 MVOLT 120V-277V 347 347V D10 10W maximum (1x1) D38 38W maximum LP830 3000K 80+ CRI LP835 3500K 80+ CRI LP840 4000K 80+ CRI F3C/Swivel stem 12 12" 18 18" 24 24" 36 36" 48 48" Overall suspension is measured from ceiling to bottom of luminaire. C311 Painted aluminum (Not available for Recessed) C312 White (Satin) C099 Custom finish GLR Fusing (fast blow) GMF Fusing (slow blow) FLNGW* Dry wall grid adapter (Recessed only) LM 80% lumen management without networking N80 nLight-enabled control module per row/zone with 80% constant lumen management (Recessed only) N100 nLight-enabled control module per row/zone without lumen management (Recessed only) * For use on hard-surface ceilings. Minimum 10" plenum clearance required. Must specify mounting type G with this option ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: MN9 1X4 G MVOLT D38 LP835 C312 N80 Construction Extruded aluminum with mitered corners forms housing. Source Three LED color temperature options - 3000K, 3500K or 4000K - both within 2.5 MacAdam ellipses. Lens 1/4" acrylic, high-performance Softshine fastened with thumb screws. Finish Recessed: White paint is standard. Surface, Pendant: Painted aluminum is standard. Custom colors available, consult factory. Mounting Recessed: Installs into most standard T-grid and screw slot grid ceillings. Surface/Wall: Powder-coated steel mounting pan is attached to aluminum housing for secure and simplified installation. Pendant: Features finished top surface free of visible hardware, square white canopy and cylindrical stem. Controls Recessed: Optional nLight-embedded controls allow for constant lumen management (N80) and facilitate simple "plug and-play" networking and control via CAT-5e cable. Electrical LED light engine consists of modular LED boards and 0-10V dimmable driver rated for 50,000 hours (L 80 ) at 25C ambient temperature. Specify MVOLT for 120V-277V or 347V with transformer. Pre-wired with 16AWG luminaire wire. For special circuiting or wire gauge, consult factory. Validation CSA/CUS Listed. FCC part 15 certified. LM-79 tested. Lighting Facts partner. DesignLights Consortium qualified product. Warranty Five-year limited warranty includes luminaire construction, LED light engine, driver and optional nLight control device (Recessed only). Terms and conditions apply. Eco-Friendly Packaging 100% post-consumer recycled box and protective lens cover. 100% recycled cardboard inserts and kraft paper tape. Biodegradable, protective luminaire bag. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit MINO MINO LED LED Recessed and Surface PEERLESS Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions (if provided) are shown in inches unless otherwise noted. MN9 2x2 Direct Pendant LED 30 LBS MN9 2x2 S Direct Surface LED 30 LBS 3 7 / 8 " 23" 3 5 / 8 " 23" MN9 2x2 G Direct Recessed LED; T-Grid 30 LBS 3 1 / 8 " 23" 1 / 4 " below ceiling 23 3 / 4 " MN9 2x2 ST Direct Recessed LED; Screw Slot Grid

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