Product Selection Guide Page 1100 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 1100 SMOKE VENT Intended Use Industrial smoke vents for use in industrial/commercial buildings where required by code. UL listed units available in 25 & 30PSF. FM approved for 10PSF. Features 165 degrees exterior manual release cable for testing gutters which drain interior moisture to the outside Signature Series Mold Design only with Snow Load approvals up to 10lb. PSF available Break (ITBR), CTape, Weather Sweep (WSW) and screws Listings UL & FM approved. INDUSTRIAL SMOKE VENT Notes 1 Available for UL, DH only. 2 Single glaze. 3 Double glaze. 4 Not available with FM units. Industrial Smoke Vent Fixture ID Frame call-out ID Frame width ID Frame length Glazing shape Glazing SVT Smoke vent 4050 51-1/4 x 63-1/4 / 1302mm x 1607mm 4060 51-1/4 x 75-1/4 / 1302mm x 1911mm 4070 51-1/4 x 87-1/4 / 1302mm x 2216mm 4080 52-1/4 x 100-1/4 / 1327mm x 2546mm 40100 52-1/4 x 123-1/4 / 1327mm x 3131mm 5060 63-5/8 x 75-5/8 / 1616mm x 1921mm 5070 63-1/4 x 87-1/4 / 1607mm x 2216mm 5080 63-1/4 x 99-1/4 / 1607mm x 2521mm W51.250 (1302 mm) W52.250 (1327 mm) W63.625 (1616 mm) W63.250 (1607 mm) L63.250 (1607 mm) L75.250 (1911 mm) L87.250 (2216 mm) L100.250 (2546 mm) L123.250 (3131 mm) L75.625 (1921 mm) L87.250 (2216 mm) L99.250 (2521 mm) SIGL Signature Series DHPL Double Hip Series SGZ Single Glaze DGZ Double Glaze ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: SVT 4050 W51.250 L63.250 SIGL SGZ CC1 LENSWH 165FL 10LB 870B MI Glazing Material Glazing Colors Fusible Link Snow Load Unit Type Smoke Vent Frame Finish Options CC1HVHZ Polycarbonate CC1 Polycarbonate 50CC2 50% IM Acrylic 1 CC2CL1 Acrylic Class 2 CC2CL3 Acrylic Class 1 LENSWH White (Single Glaze Default) 2 LENSCL Clear 2 LENSWHCL White Clear 3 LENSCLWH Clear White (Double Glaze Default) 3 LENSWHWH White White 3 LENSCLCL Clear Clear 3 165FL 165 Degree Fusible Link 212FL 212 Degree Fusible Link 286FL 286 Degree Fusible Link 360FL 360 Degree Fusible Link 370FL 370 Degree Fusible Link 386FL 386 Degree Fusible Link 10LB 10 Pound Snow Load (Default) 25LB 25 Pound Snow Load 4 30LB 30 Pound Snow Load 4 870B Standard Frame (Default) MI Mill (Default) (blank) No Options FMEQU Factory Mutual Equivalent FMRTG Factory Mutual Approved UL UL Listed Smoke Vent CE European Standard Certied ITBR Insulated Thermal Break NITBR No Insulated Thermal Break WSW Weather Sweep NWSW No Weather Sweep URS Urethane Sealant ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit SUNOPTICS Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses.

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