Product Selection Guide Page 1098 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 1098 LIGHTFLEX MODELS Intended Use LightFlex Square System is designed for suspended ceiling applications with minimal plenum obstructions where larger unit sizes are advantageous. LightFlex features advanced design and superior components technology that provides optimal daylight throughout the day, maximizing glare-free quality lighting, while minimizing the power needed for electric light. Integrated with Acuity Brands LED luminaires and intelligent controls, LightFlex provides a complete, smart solution for improving comfort and well-being, and delivers a high quality illumination at the lowest watts per square foot and energy consumption. Features daylight conveyance than 99% specular quality control capabilities your lighting design with nLight or with LC&D TM control systems Listings HVHZ approved, FM approved, AAMA certified, NFRC certified. LIGHTFLEX Square Model LightFlex SUNOPTICS Fixture Unit size Lens type Glazing Skylight lens material Skylight lens colors Diffusion lens colors Diffusion lens material Diffusion lens style SLF LightFlex Square System 2040 2 x 4 4040 4 x 4 SIGL Signature Series (Default) DGZ Double Glaze SGZ Single Glaze CC1HVHZ Polycarbonate CC1 Polycarbonate CC2CL1 Acrylic Class 1 (Default) CC2CL3 Acrylic Class 3 LENSWHCL White Clear LENSCLWH Clear White LENSWHWH White White LENSCLCL Clear Clear (Default) LENSWH White LENSCL Clear (Single Glazed Default) DLENSWH White Prismatic DLENSCL Clear Prismatic (Default) DLENSWH and DLENSCL only available with Diffuser Lens Style ACSP and TLSF CC1D Polycarbonate Diffusion Lens CC2D Acrylic Diffusion Lens (Default) CC1D and CC2D only available with Diffuser Lens Style ACSP and TLSF ACL ACLED Trofer Lens Assembly ACSP Acrylic Diffusion Lens (Default) TLSBOX TLED Shadowbox Lens Assembly TLA19 A19 Lens Assembly TLMICPRIS TLED Microprism Lens Assembly TLSATIN TLED Satin Lens Assembly TLSF TLED Troffer with Prismatic Flat Lens Unit type Shaft length Skylight frame finish Options 800MD Standard Frame (Default) 2FT 2-Foot Shaft 10FT 10-Foot Shaft 3FT 3-Foot Shaft 11FT 11-Foot Shaft 4FT 4-Foot Shaft 12FT 12-Foot Shaft 5FT 5-Foot Shaft 13FT 13-Foot Shaft 6FT 6-Foot Shaft 14FT 14-Foot Shaft 7FT 7-Foot Shaft 15FT 15-Foot Shaft 8FT 8-Foot Shaf 16FT 16-Foot Shaft 9FT 9-Foot Shaft MI Mill (Default) WH White BZ Bronze CF Custom (blank) No Options NITBR No Insulated Thermal Break FMRTG Factory Mutual Approved WSW Weather Sweep HVHZ High Velocity Hurricane Zone NWSW No Weather Sweep CE European Standard Certified NOSCREW No Installation Screw LARR Los Angeles Approved METRIC 600mm x 600mm Ceiling Grid Pattern ITBR Insulated Thermal Break LOUVER LightFlex Louver ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: SLF 2040 SIGL SGZ CC2CL1 LENSCL DLENSCL CC2D ACL Certain airborne contaminants can diminish integrity of acrylic and polycarbonate. Refer to the Acrylic & Polycarbonate Environmental Compatibility tables on pages 1116-1117 for suitable uses.

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