Product Selection Guide Page 109 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 109 PSG11 OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Options & Accessories Air Closure Strip A Air Supply Air is supplied to occupied space through slots in side rails. Air diffusers connected to slots provide cooled or heated air to the space. Optional air-pattern control blades control airflow. D All Air Functions Full-function air-handling capability. Dual-function air supply and/or return through side rails and heat removal through lamp cavity. H Heat Removal Room air and fixture heat are removed through slots in the top or end of fixture housing. Slots in top are louvered to minimize entry of plenum contaminants into lamp cavity. Optional dampers available to control air flow. Air Control Options APB Air-Pattern Control Blades Designed to adjust or direct airflow on air supply/return models. Adjusts without tools from fully open to fully closed. Accessible from below. Lithonia Lighting manufactures a complete line of fixtures designed to provide any level of air-handling capability, from simple heat removal to a combination of all air functions. Compatible with a full range of air equipment by major manufacturers, these fixtures comprise the most complete and comprehensive family of air-handling fixtures available. Ductwork, including air boots, supplied by others. Complete Air-Handling Capability (available on SP AIR, Paramax and Optimax fixtures) A Air Return Air is removed from occupied space through slots in side rails. Air is returned to plenum or to air diffusers connected to slots. B No Air Functions Static troffer that provides no air functions, but matches other models in appear ance for continuity of design. ACS Air Closure Strips Designed to convert fixture from air-handling to static in the field (no tools required). Not accessible from below. Best choice for... AIR-HANDLING OPTIONS LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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