Product Selection Guide Page 1088 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 1088 PRODUCT INFORMATION POWER PRODUCTS Raised Floor RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Intended Use Raised floors are ideal for power and data distibution in high-rise buildings, data centers and computer labs. The wiring is right below the work stations and can be easily relocated, reconfigured or scaled based on changing needs of the occupants. The system consists of power panel, RELOC mainrun cables, primary and secondary distribution boxes, RELOC cables and floor modules. Features distributed electrical RAISED FLOORS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 See page 1088 for ordering information. 2 See page 1065 for ordering information. Cable Extenders (Typical) (FM) Floor Box (Typical) 1 (DBP) Distribution Box Primary 2 (RMC) RELOC Mainrun Cable 2 (DBS) Distribution Box Secondary 1 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Three circuits available for 120V, 277V and 347V. For two circuits, specify 2N options. Three phase circuit or two circuits available for 208V, 220V, 240V and 480V. 2 Not available with IGW or 2N option. 3 Not available in 208V, 220V and 480V. Two circuits available for 120V, 277V and 347V. 4 IGW available with 120V and DC input connection and CD output connections. 5 Minimun output ports available is 2. Maximum output ports available is 6. Specify number of ports per box in blank. PRODUCT INFORMATION DBS Distribution Box Secondary Raised Floor Intended Use Used with the primary distribution box to further distribute circuits to utilization equipment. The secondary distribution box serves as a modular junction box to allow splitting circuits between multiple RELOC ports. Available in two sizes, the secondary distribution box can be used in an open ceiling, above a hung ceiling, and below a raised floor, including low-profile raised floors. The DBS is provided with an integrated RELOC drop cable attached at the input and all ports and conductors labeled to show their circuit assignments. Features modular wiring systems different voltages NEC 300.22 Listings UL and cUL Listed. Series Voltage 1 Input connection Output connection 5 Options DBS Distribution box secondary 120 120V 208 208V 2 220 220V 2 240 240V 2 277 277V 347 347V 480 480V 2 DC System 820 drop cable 1 OD OnePass drop cable 1 QD Quick-Flex drop cable 2,3 S5DC SIMPLY5 drop cable 4 _CD System 820 circuit distributor 1 _OC OnePass converter 1 _QC Quick-Flex converter 2,3 (blank) No Option 2N Two hots and naturals IGW Isolated ground wire 4 PB Pull box LP Low-profile box ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: DBS 120 DC 2CD

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