Product Selection Guide Page 1086 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series/Number of channels Voltage Length Reloc Connection Series Number of channels PPC Power pole channel 1P Power 1D Data 1A Audio Visual 2PD Power and data 2PA Power and audio visual 3PDA Power, data and audio visual (blank) 120V 240 240V 250 250V (blank) 48" 36 36" Input connection 1 Input connection length PT_ Power tee (blank) No length CSU_ Circuit selector unit 2,3 01 1 ft DC_ Drop cable 05 5 ft 09 9 ft 15 15 ft Output connection/Output connection length Mounting Finish Options Output connection Output connection length (blank) 8" wire leads (blank) No length CD System 820 circuit distributor 4 01 1 ft 03 3 ft 05 5 ft 09 9 ft 15 15 ft D Gondola double S Gondola single U Upright WH White GY Gray BK Black IGW One isolated ground wire cable DIGW One isolated ground wire cable and one normal cable 5 PSG11 1086 PRODUCT INFORMATION POWER PRODUCTS Retail Products RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Retail projects demand wiring solutions that minimize installation time and easily adapt to store design changes that occur during initial store construction and in the future. With a recently expanded product line, RELOC now offers a comprehensive, plug-n-play wiring solution from the breaker panel out to the lighting fixtures and other utilization equipment. Intended Use Ideal applications for RELOC power products include: Rack Lighting Front-End Gondola/Kiosk Bakery/Refrigeration Copy Center/Photo Lab TV/Electronic Back to the Panel Features RETAIL ENVIRONMENTS Notes 1 Specify the desired circuit (1,2,3) in any combination and place in the space provided. (1 = circuit #1, 2 = circuit #2, 3 = circuit #3, 12 = circuits #1 and #2, etc.) 2 No output cable required. 3 CSU has no length. 4 Does not always require output connection length. 5 If DIGW option is selected, both of the input and output requirements will be the same. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: PPC1P PT103 S WH PPC Power Pole Channel Product information Retail Products Intended Use Designed to deliver power and data to equipment in gondolas and electronic racks. Features easy installation display areas Listings UL and cUL Listed.

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