Product Selection Guide Page 1085 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

1085 PSG11 PRODUCT INFORMATION POWER PRODUCTS Power Pole Base RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Intended Use The power pole base (PPB) is normally used with a power pole (PP). The PPB offers an economical means to bring power and data cables down from the ceiling to simplify the power pole in high density power applications. Features power and data distribution painted in black or white installation are available RELOC connectors counter tops, gondolas and racks Listings ETL-Listed for U.S. and Canada. PPB Power Pole Base ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Table B Table A DEVICE CONFIGURATION INDICATOR DEVICE INDICATOR DEVICE COLOR A 15 amp straight blade 1 White B 20 amp straight blade 2 Brown C 15 amp IGW straight blade 6 3 Ivory D 20 amp IGW straight blade 6 4 Gray E 30 amp straight blade 7 5 Black F 50 amp straight blade 7 6 Orange (IGW only) 1 G 15 amp twist lock H 20 amp twist lock J 30a twist lock 7 K 50A twist lock 7 L 15 amp IGW twist lock M 20 amp IGW twist lock X Mixed PATTERN Example: PPB2 B L36 A1B2C2D1 ABB5CB5D Series/ Type Housing 1 Height Voltage Pattern 2,3 Device configuration 4,5 Input cabling 5,6 Finish Series Type PPB Power Pole base 2 U channel 2 Independent channel A 3" square B 4" square C 6" square D 4" x 8" F 3" x 6" L12 1 ft L24 2 ft L36 3 ft L48 4 ft L60 5 ft L72 6 ft L84 7 ft L96 8 ft (blank) 120V 208 208V 240 240V X Mixed voltages A_ B_ C_ D_ A_ B_ C_ D_ (blank) RELOC 7 HW Hardwired 8 (blank) Galvanized WH White BK Black ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Notes 1 Consult factory for other housing heights. 2 Data configures are provided with a cutout and cover plate only. 3 Select the type and place in the space provided. See Table A. 4 Select the type and color and place in the space provided. See Table B. 5 Input cabling not available with 30A and 50A device configurations. 6 If device configuration is IGW, two input cables are supplied. 7 If the input cabling is RELOC, a 1 ft drop cable (DC) is standard. 8 If HW, wagos (push-in connectors) and 8" leads are supplied.

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