Product Selection Guide Page 1084 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 1084 POWER PRODUCTS Accessories RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Not included with power poles, but can be ordered separately. Select the desired KIT or ordered accessories by component. ACCESSORIES for Power Pole ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. (A) T-Bar bracket: Bracket fits a 2-foot spacing in grid ceiling if the ploe is installed in the middle of a ceiling. (B) Mounting bracket: Stamped 16-gauge steel, galvanized. Required for mounting power poles in a grid ceiling. (C) Ceiling trim: Stamped 24-gauge steel, painted white, fits all RELOC PP2 and PP3 power poles. The trim provides a clean appearance after the pole is installed in a grid ceiling. (D) Foot bracket: Stamped 14-gauge steel, painted white, fits all RELOC PP2 and PP3 power poles and secures the pole to a flat surface. A C B D ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ACCESSORY COMPONENT ORDERING INFORMATION T-Bar bracket: PP 1/2/3 TB Mounting bracket: PP 1/2/3 MB Ceiling trim: PP 2/3 CT WH Foot bracket: PP 2/3 FB WH ACCESSORY KIT ORDERING INFORMATION PP2/3 KIT 1 WH PP2/3 KIT 2 WH One mounting bracket One T-bar bracket One ceiling trim One mounting bracket One foot bracket One ceiling trim One foot bracket

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