Product Selection Guide Page 1083 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 1083 PSG11 POWER PRODUCTS Power Poles RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Example: PPIA L126 ADJ84 SAT PP Power Pole ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Series/ Number of channels 1,2 Length 3 Arms 4 Input cabling Device configuration 6,7 Device color Finish Options Series 2 Number of channels 1 PP Power Pole 1 _ One 2 _ Two 3 _ Three L126 10.5 ft L150 12.5 ft L186 15.5 ft (blank) No arm ADJ84 7 ft adjustable arm ADJ120 10 ft adjustable arm (blank) No arm HW Hardwired 5 A 1 duplex, 1 connection B 2 duplex, 1 connection C 2 duplex, 1 connection D 4 duplex, 1 connection E 2 IGW duplex, 1 connections 8 F 1 duplex & 1 IGW duplex, 2 connections 8 G 2 duplex & 2 IGW duplex, 2 connections 8 (blank) White BN Brown IV Ivory GY Gray BK Black (blank) Ivory SAT Satin anodized SIL Silver BK Black C3W Appliance white See page 1084 for accessories. Table A Table B RELOC CONNECTION DEVICE AND INPUT CABLING CONFIGURATION CHART DEVICE CONFIGURATION SELECTION INPUT CABLING TYPE NUMBER OF DEVICES RECEPTACLES CIRCUITS AVAILABLE PER DEVICE Select device and input cabling for 1 connection A DC or HW 1 duplex 1 B DC or HW 2 duplex 1 C DC or HW 3 duplex 1 D DC or HW 4 duplex 1 E DC (IGW) or HW 2 duplex (IGW) 1 (IGW) Select device and input cabling for 2 connections F DC DC (IGW) or HW 1 duplex 1 duplex (IGW) 1 1 (IGW) G DC (IGW) DC (IGW) or HW 2 duplex 2 duplex (IGW) 1 1 (IGW) POWER POLE CHANNEL CONFIGURATION Channel Configuration Number of Channels Table A Notes 1 20A duplex receptacles are standard. 2 120V is the standard voltage. 3 1 ft system 820 drop cable (DC) standard. 4 (IGW) isolated ground wire. 5 If HW, DC will not be supplied. 6 Consult factory for other current or voltage and other system integration requirements. Table B Notes 1 Select desired channel configuration and add to your PP description (A, B or C). 2 If standard configurations are ordered, letter indicator is not needed. Notes 1 Contact factory for poles that require signs and switches. 2 Refer to Table B for Channel Configuration indicator. Place indicator in the space provided under the Number of Channels. Leave blank if a standard channel configuration is required. 3 Length selection is ordered in inches. 4 If adjustable arm is ordered, 18 additional inches remain inside the channel for strength and rigidity of the pole. 5 Eight-inch wire leads provided with HW option. 6 Number of leads provided with HW option determined by device configuration. 7 Device configuration required for both RELOC and HW option. Refer to Table A. 8 Device configuration for F and G, select device color for non-isolated ground duplex. Orange is the standard device color for all (IGW) options. Intended Use Brings power and data cables down from the ceiling to utilization equipment. Typically, cables are routed in the ceiling and dropped down to work stations, cash registers, partitions, racks and gondolas. Power poles are ideal for applications in Features installation available environment counter tops, gondolas and rack inches to 120 inches (in addition to the length of the pole) Listings UL Listed. CSA Certified. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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