Product Selection Guide Page 108 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 108 OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Options & Accessories LST Method (saves up to 40% of installation labor and wiring costs) Conventional Method Join nylon connector Close access plate 1. Select desired troffer model. 2. Add one of the following as a suffix to standard Lithonia Lighting catalog number: LST 9' cable (standard cable length) LST7 7' cable LST11 11' cable 3. Consult factory for other lengths. 4. Not available for use with dimming ballast. 5. Order fixtures in pairs. Factory will supply correct number of master and satellite units. 6. Not available with energy-saving T8 lamps. LABOR-SAVING TANDEM OPTIONS ORDERING INFORMATION Example: 2SP8 G 3 32 A12 MVOLT GEB10IS LST11 Reduces the number of ballasts required for fluorescent fixtures. Simple, snap-together design. Uses half the connections, and uses half the wiring and components. Available on most sizes and types of Lithonia Lighting fixtures with access plates. Wiring connections for both fixtures located at one access plate. Interconnection cable is fully prewired and pre-assembled. Polarized nylon plugs ensure positive connections and prevents miswiring. Identified ballast leads simplify multi-level switching. Simply wire in the master unit using hard wiring, prewiring or RELOC wiring. Then snap-connect the satellite unit to the master unit. Installation is complete. LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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