Product Selection Guide Page 1077 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

1077 PSG11 PRODUCT INFORMATION MODULAR SYSTEMS Quick-Flex RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS QUICK-FLEX Intended Use With HCF, you can extend the RELOC warehouses, manufacturing and retail into your healthcare installations. For use in hospitals, nursing homes, limited and ambulatory care centers. Features areas in healthcare facilities per NEC 517.13 (A) & (B) ixture is standard with HFC HCF for Healthcare Facilities ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering is easy. Simply add HCF to the end of existing RELOC model numbers. SYSTEM/APPLICATION STANDARD PRODUCTS FOR HEALTHCARE QFC277 12/3G13G QFC277 12/3G13G HCF 820 System - 5 conductors with fixture ground wire SSC 120 F 11 G SSC 120 F 11 G HCF PRODUCT INFORMATION RELOC HCF for Healthcare Facilities Intended Use The Quick-Flex system costs less than other wiring methods for other accessible ceiling applications. Quick-Flex systems are simple and utilize components that snap together in a fraction of the time required for MC cable or other traditional wiring methods. Features sorting materials at the job site and cuts on-site disposable cost Listings UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. *Based on a typical single-circuit, 30-fixture application on 10-foot centers with a $55/hr. labor rate (USD). Labor time based on RS Means data. RRL connector (displayed in picture to the right) is an option for Quick-Flex. The connector will be factory attached to the cable. The mating connector will be pre-wired based on the appropriate wiring instruction selection for the luminaire. See page 113 for fixture ordering information. QFC CE ST SSC QPT QE

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