Product Selection Guide Page 1072 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 1072 MODULAR SYSTEMS PRODUCT INFORMATION System 820 RELOC WIRING SOLUTIONS Intended Use Five-wire system accommodates applications requiring three circuits with a common neutral; or two circuit and two neutrals; or two circuits, one neutral and an isolated ground. Features for use in tight quarters and small raceways quickly and easily wired for Class I and Class II wiring; whereas, RELOC can provide DALI wiring or 0-10v dimming wiring within ONE simple, pluggable wiring system engineered to work seamlessly with all intelligent lighting applications for normal, night lights, and emergency lighting SYSTEM 820 Notes 1 Standard lengths listed. Consult factory for custom. 2 C12S available with D conductor only. 3 2N available with 120V, 277V, 347V and F conductor only. 4 IGW available with 120V and E and F conductors only. 5 HCF option available only when cable length specified. Intended Use The Circuit Distributor provides the interface between hardwiring and RELOC. Conventional wiring methods bring power from the panel to the homerun location where the CD is installed. Features thermoplastic insulation rated 600V grounding conductor with different voltages ground feed-through of branch circuits in a single component Controls-Enabled Wiring wires (0-10V or DALI) Listings UL Listed and CSA Certified. Listed and labeled to comply with Canadian Standards. CD Circuit Distributor ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit PRODUCT INFORMATION System 820 Series Voltage Conductors Length 1 Controls Wiring Options Options CD 120 120V 208 208V 240 240V 277 277V 347 347V 480 480V D Three E Four F Five (blank) 6 wire leads 01 1 ft 03 3 ft 05 5 ft 09 9 ft 15 15 ft (blank) Not required C12S Integrated CI, CII rated line voltage and signal wires 2 (blank) Not required 2N Two circuit, two neutral 3 IGW Isolated ground wire 4 HCF Meets healthcare facility requirements 5 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: CD 120 F 2N

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