Product Selection Guide Page 107 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 107 PSG11 OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Options & Accessories Notes 1 Consult factory for availability. 2 Addition of emergency battery pack options may increase overall fixture depth. Consult factory. 3 Aluminum doors only. 4 Integral T-bar safety clips are standard for most models of GT8, SP8, ES8, RT5, AV, SP, 2PM2,2PM4, 2PM3N and 2PM0 fixture families. Also available on 1x4 PM3, PMO and HPM3 fixtures. Consult factory for specific exceptions. 5 Palletized and stretch-wrapped without individual cartons. Available for G (grid) and MT (modular) trims only. = Available on all models. = Available onmost models; consult factory for exceptions. ELECTRICAL, WIRING & MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS FOR STATIC & AIR-HANDLING TROFFERS To order, add designation as a suffix to fixture catalog number, unless otherwise noted. NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION GT8 SP8/SP5 SP SP AIR PM2/PM4 PMO/PM3/ HPM3 2PM3N NAT/CNAT AV WW RT5/RT8 ES8 ELECTRICAL - Ballast options - Dimming ballast MVOLT Multi-volt ballasts (120-277V) 1 EL/EL14 Emergency lighting 2 GLR/GMF Fusing RIF Radio interference filter FR Labeled for fire-rated ceiling WIRING PW_ Prewiring LST Labor-saving tandem - RELOC wiring systems MISCELLANEOUS 2R Two channel covers installed LG Additional lens gasketing 3 HTC T-bar safety clips (snap-on) 4 LATC T-bar safety clips (screw-on) 4 APB Air-pattern control blades HRD Heat-removal dampers ACS Air closure strips - Lamps furnished and installed JP Job pack 5 Listed below are major electrical wiring and other options available for Lithonia Lighting static and air-handling fixtures. The matrix shows the availability of each option within specific fixture families. Certain combinations of options are incompatible in the same fixture. Consult factory for details. STATIC & AIR- HANDLING FIXTURES Electrical, Wiring & Misc. Options LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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