Product Selection Guide Page 1031 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

1031 PRODUCT INFORMATION ROAM Platforms ROAM PLATFORMS PSG11 ROAM ROAM PLATFORMS ROAMview A pre-packaged ROAM system for small-scale deployments up to 2,000 devices. With its pre-configured server and plug- and-play format, this locally hosted system is scaled to meet the needs of modest-sized, single-site properties. ROAM ENTERPRISE Like ROAMview, ROAM Enterprise is a locally hosted system, but it is sized to meet the needs of municipal, multi-site and large institutional customers by offering 100,000+ node capacity and a more extensive set of diagnostic capabilities. It can be deployed on a customer's existing IT infrastructure. ROAM CONCIERGE Providing the same extensive feature set as ROAM Enterprise, ROAM Concierge offers a centrally hosted system for customers that do not want to make any IT infrastructure investments.

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