Product Selection Guide Page 1021 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 1021 PSG11 Intended Use The SYA DESKTOP provides the ability to program or override all features of Synergy lighting control panels when used in conjunction with the Synergy SYSW CONFIG software. Schedules and programs can be composed off-line and downloaded locally through the RS-232 port on Synergy controllers, remotely via an Ethernet LAN, Synergy Arcnet network or through the use of an optional modem. Features processor speed and features INTEGRATED LIGHTING CONTROLS SYNERGY LIGHTING CONTROLS Computers, Software Series Options 1 SYA DESKTOP Desktop PC SYA LAPTOP Laptop computer SYA TABLET Tablet PC (blank) Standard 19" flat-panel LCD monitor TOUCH SCREEN 19" touch-screen flat-panel monitor SYA DESKTOP PC Interface ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY SYSW CONFIG Synergy panel configuration software for personal computer SYNERGY GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Graphics software for personal computer SYA ETHERNET SWITCH 5 PORT Ethernet 5-port 10-base T-switch SYA ROUTER Native BACnet router to connect a Synergy RS485 Arcnet network to an Ethernet LAN SYA NIC PCI Arcnet interface card Notes 1 Only available on SYA DESKTOP. Example: SYA DESKTOP ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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