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PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 1018 INTEGRATED LIGHTING CONTROLS Intended Use Mounts in a Synergy SYE enclosure. Provides user interface, display, clock, and programmable logic for a Synergy lighting control system enclosure and a means to set up lighting control functions, including manual switching, manual and preset dimming, schedules, astronomic time control, photocell switch- ing, and daylighting. Features and serviceability Architectural Preset Control Station, SYRS Digital Remote Wallstation, SYRS EXT 0-10VDC Wallstation Distributed Controller, SYRS EXTDS Bi-level Distributed Controller and DEQ LC Distributed Controller soft key format popular on automated teller machines feedback for menu navigation as well as status, diagnostic information and alarms will calculate sunrise and sunset times for use in lighting schedules and provide automatic switching or dimming of lighting based on the ambient light level override third-party lighting control equipment from a Synergy system. Typically used in retrofit applications to allow Synergy's state-of-the-art graphical interface soft- ware or scheduling capabilities to be used with a previously installed system a BACnet compliant device, requires only one interface per system, requires and mounts directly into a dedicated SYES 120/277 enclosure and requires a factory-authorized start-up SYNERGY LIGHTING CONTROLS Synergy System Controller SYSC Series Controller 2 Options SYSC System controller for Synergy panels SYSC BACGATE DMX Network gateway for third-party systems 1 MLS Stand-alone system controller 2 MLX Network system controller 2 ISA Three 16-bit ISA expansion slots 2 PHONE Telephone interface for voice-prompted override and remote modem access (requires ISA option) 2 DMX Theatrical dimming interface, required for connection to DMX512 control signal 3 LEGACY Allows control of one complete network (255 dimmers) of legacy MiniPac, Sequel and MaxStar dimmer cabinets. Replaces master controller on existing systems. 2 RS2324P Four-port RS-232 expansion card 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit FEATURES SELECTION MATRIX SYSTEM FUNCTION MLC CONTROLLER MLX CONTROLLER Relay Capacity (No breakers) 48 48 (96 total with secondary cabinet) Relay Capacity (With breakers) 40 40 (80 total with secondary cabinet) Dimmer Capacity 30 30 (60 total with secondary cabinet) DMX512 Input DMX channel-to-output configured via hardware settings DMX channel-to-output configured via controller software Scheduling 11 schedules, 99 events 100 schedules, unlimited events Analog Inputs Yes PC Support Yes Script Logic No Yes Logging No Yes Priority Logic No Yes Ethernet Network No Yes ARCNET Network No Yes Telephone Override No Yes, optional BACnet No Yes RS232 Yes Modem Yes, optional Sequel Stations Yes Legacy Dimmers No Yes, optional Digital Remotes Yes Notes 1 Consult factory when ordering SYSC BACGATE for additional system requirements. 2 Not available on SYSC BACGATE. 3 DMX option standard on SYSC BACGATE. ACCESSORIES ORDER SEPARATELY SYA SKIT Permits two SYE enclosures to operate with a single MLX or MLS controller. SYSW CONFIG Windows configuration software and cable (page 1020). SYA CABLEA4 Class 2, four-conductor, plenum-rated network cable (page 1022). SYA CABLES2 Lithonia plenum-rated RS485 network cable (page 1022). SYA SKIT DMX Provides DMX only operation of local Synergy loads. (No local MLX or MLS controller.) SYA M1 ARC FST Fiber optic hub to connect one EIA-485 twisted pair and one duplex fiber optic segment. MLX only. SYA M1 ARC FST 2 Fiber optic hub to connect one EIA-485 twisted pair and two duplex fiber optic segments. MLX only. SYA ETHERNET SWITCH 5 PORT Network switch to connect up to (5) 10BASE-T/100 BASE-TX compliant Ethernet networks. MLX only. SYA M1 ARC ARC Network repeater required to create Synergy RS-485 ARCNET network over 2000 feet in length. MLX only. SYA ROUTER Native BACnet router to connect a Synergy RS485 ARCNET network to an Ethernet LAN. MLX only. LSCC 2S12C P25 DMX Two-scene, 12 channel DMX control console w/25 foot control cable. LSCC 2S24C P25 DMX Two-scene, 24 channel DMX control console w/25 foot control cable. LSCC 2S36C P25 DMX Two-scene, 36 channel DMX control console w/25 foot control cable. LSCC PR DMX Single gang, plug-in receptacle to connect to DMX network. 4-line 80 character LCD display with backlight Soft function keys System status LED indicators Navigation keys Shipping weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5kg) DB9 serial port Example: SYSC MLX ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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