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PRODUCT INFORMATION 1017 PSG11 Intended Use Ideal for applications requiring circuit level remote control or lighting automation. Combines the powerful capabilities of the Synergy lighting control system with the familiar footprint of a standard circuit breaker panel. This unique concept provides fully automated lighting control without the need to install both a relay panel and a branch circuit breaker panel. Also requires less wall space and will often provide a lower installed cost. Features be fully automated to conform to a rotating seven-day schedule eliminating the need for photocells scheduled off controllers to provide manual control of any combination of breakers, and to override scheduled events integral LED status indicators of up to 60 digital wallstations or distributed controllers low-voltage switches and other dry contact closure inputs other Synergy switching and dimming panels to form a building-wide integrated lighting control system control, monitoring, and programming via a PC and the SYSW CONFIG software Listings UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. INTEGRATED LIGHTING CONTROLS SYNERGY LIGHTING CONTROLS Synergy Controllable Breaker Panel Series Voltage Maximum rating Main feed options 2 Mounting SYBP18 18-pole capacity 1 SYBP30 30-pole capacity 1 SYBP42 42-pole capacity 1 P1 120V/208V P2 277V/480V 100 100A 225 225A 400 400A ML Main lug MB100 100A main breaker MB225 225A main breaker MB400 400A main breaker T Top feed B Bottom feed Door Controller Options SS Standard surface SF Standard flush MLX Network system controller MLS Stand-alone system controller SCP Secondary panel, less controller DMX Interface for connection to DMX512 control 3 PHONE Telephone interface 4 LVIN Sixteen low-voltage switches and one analog input HFD Series-rated main breaker for use with GHB or GHBQRSP branch circuit breakers to achieve 65K AIC rating SYBP Example: SYBP42 P2 225 ML B SS MLX PHONE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit BRANCH CIRCUIT BREAKERS ORDER SEPARATELY CONTROLLABLE BREAKERS STANDARD BREAKERS (NON-CONTROLLABLE) SYBPB BABRS1020 120V, 20A, 1 POLE SYBPB BAB1020 120V, 20A, 1 POLE SYBPB BABRS1030 120V, 30A, 1 POLE SYBPB BAB1030 120V, 30A, 1 POLE SYBPB BABRS2020 120V, 20A, 2 POLE SYBPB BAB2020 120V, 20A, 2 POLE SYBPB BABRS2030 120V, 30A, 2 POLE SYBPB BAB2030 120V, 30A, 2 POLE SYBPB GHQRSP1020 277V, 20A, 1 POLE SYBPB GHB1020 277V, 20A, 1 POLE SYBPB GHQRSP2020 277V, 20A, 2 POLE SYBPB GHB1030 277V, 30A, 1 POLE SYBPB GHQRSP1030 277V, 30A, 1 POLE SYBPB GHB2020 277V, 20A, 2 POLE SYBPB QRSP2030 277V, 30A, 2 POLE SYBPB GHB2030 277V, 30A, 2 POLE NOTE: Consult factory for additional standard (non-controllable) breaker sizes. 20 (50.8) 48 (121.9) 60 (152.4) 5-1/4 (13.3) Notes 1 Order branch circuit breakers separately. See branch circuit breakers table. 2 Consult factory for additional main breaker selections and interrupt ratings. 3 For house lighting control only. 4 Not available with SCP controllers. CONTROLLER COMPARISON SYSTEM FUNCTION SYBPC MLS CONTROLLER SYBPC MLX CONTROLLER Controllable breaker capacity 42 in cabinet, 126 w/ secondary Dimmer capacity 60 total w/ secondary cabinets DMX512 input DMX channel-to-output configured via controller software DMX channel-to-output configured via controller software Scheduling 100 schedules/unlimited events Analog input 1 PC support Yes Script logic Yes Logging Yes Priority logic Yes Network No Yes Telephone override Yes, optional BACnet No Yes RS232 Yes Modem Yes, optional Sequel stations Yes Digital remotes Yes ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted.

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