Product Selection Guide Page 1010 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 1010 INTEGRATED LIGHTING CONTROLS SYNERGY LIGHTING CONTROLS SynergyLighting Control System DMX THEATRICAL CONTROL (Optional) T ELEPHONE INTERFACE (Optional) RS232INTERFACE Local A/V system. (Optional) LAPTOP CONNECTION For programming and operation. CONTROLLABLE BREAKER Provides individual control of each circuit breaker and works with all standard Synergy controller and user interface options. ONE SYSTEM... INFINITE POSSIBILITIES DALI CONTROL MODULE Network controllers and power supplies for three DALI networks. RELAYS WITH BREAKERS Similar to relay module, with either six 120V, four 277V or four 347V branch circuit breakers. BALLAST CONTROL MODULE Eight channels of 0-10V DC dimming with integrated 20A relays for four-wire dimming ballasts. Available with 120V, 277V and 347V circuit breakers. DIMMER MODULE Six universal load digital dimmers suitable for 120V or 277V incandescent, fluorescent, low-voltage, neon, cold cathode and non-dim loads. TAP FEED LUG OPTION Allows several Synergy enclosures to share a single main feed up to 400A, three phase. MULTI-POLE RELAYS Up to four 30A contactors with either two or four poles each. POWER MODULE OPTIONS May be combined within the same enclosure to meet job site requirements. SYSTEM CONTROLLER Provides local user interface, scheduling and control functions. Available in stand-alone (MLS) or networked (MLX).

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