Product Selection Guide Page 101 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

101 WALLPOD MANUAL CONTROL Standard WallPods Single-gang, decorator-style wall stations that provide manual control On/off On/off/dim Scene control Button-less touch controls Graphic WallPod 3.5" full-color touch screen Up to 16 on/off/dim controls and eight lighting presets Mounts to single-gang box SENSORS Occupancy Sensors Full line of occupancy sensors and photosensors PIR or passive dual technology (PIR/microphonics) Remotely controllable and upgradeable Integrated RJ45 ports Photosensors Automatic set-point configuration simplifies calibration Tools and/or multiple commissioning visits not required NETWORK DEVICES (MULTI-ROOM SYSTEMS) Bridge Routes information between lighting zones and system gateway Four or eight RJ45 ports to link rooms to nLight backbone Optional ZigBee wireless capability Gateway Stores profiles and contains system time clock Provides local control point and Ethernet network access point Required to implement personal controls PRODUCT INFORMATION 101 PSG11 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR nLight Product Overview

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