Product Selection Guide Page 1007 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

1007 PRODUCT INFORMATION Easyl Intended Use Easyl is a DMX512 controller featuring an LCD touchscreen. Easyls powerfully simple interface enables intuitive control of an entire universe (512 channels) of color-changing luminaires. Preprogrammed shows with static and color-changing effects simplify initial setup and provide a great starting point for customization. Easyl provides design, edit, store and recall functions for a maximum of 12 shows, and features quick adjust intensity and speed sliders. Easyl controls LED luminaires that are DMX512-A compliant, including those with RDM functionality. Features access control passcodes, and screensaver image Listings UL/cUL Listed and Plenum Rated. EASYL PSG11 AXION CONTROLS Series Finish Supply voltage EZSOLO Entry level, stand-alone DMX controller EZTOUCH Mid level, functions with EZ RB button stations, features timeclock EZPRO Pro level, functions with EZ RB stations, features timeclock and configuration software WH White BK Black 120/277 120 or 277 VAC 347 347 VAC ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: EZSOLO WH 120/277 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit EASYL FEATURES SOLO TOUCH PRO Preprogrammed shows, rainbow feature, chase feature Yes On-screen manual color select with favorites store and recall Yes On-screen master intensity slider Yes On-screen master speed control slider Yes Compatible with DMX512 and RDM fixtures Yes Configurable on-screen logo and screen saver Yes Edit all shows through LCD interface Yes Basic show editing through LCD (complex features accessible in software through internal USB port) Yes Stand-alone only, no remote stations Yes Operates with EZ RB 1- 9 button wallstations Yes Astronomic time clock (play show, set color, turn off, last command takes precedence) Yes Astronomic time clock with advanced control (play show, set color, remote touchscreen or wallstation disable) Yes Computer-based software for multi-area show creation (Easyl Studio) Yes Allow temporary override and return to previously playing show Yes EASYL

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