Product Selection Guide Page 1005 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Series Module quantity and type Voltage Feed Branch circuit breaker rating FCS LMP Fresco Control System Lighting management panel FCS LMPE Fresco Control System Lighting management panel with UL 924 device __A: LM 4A ( adaptive) module count __D: LM 4D ( select) module count __L: LM 4L (0-10V) module count __R: LM 4R (relay) module count __B: LM 2B (DALI) module count MVOLT FT Feed through 4ML 4 wire main lug, 3 A, B, C, Neutral 3ML 3 wire main lug, 2 A, B, Neutral 20A 16A continuous rating at 120V 1 16A 12A continuous rating 1005 PRODUCT INFORMATION Lighting Management Panel Intended Use Lighting management panels for the Fresco control system (FCS LMP) provide dimming and switching control for any lighting load. Available as a rough-in enclosure or factory pre-wired with circuit breakers and main lugs, Fresco LMP is configured for site requirements. Features reverse phase dimming (LM 4A modules self-adapt based on load sensing) (LM 4A, LM 4D) adaptive phase modules, 0-10V dimming and DALI within one cabinet Listings UL Listed, cUL Listed. ESD hardened, level 4: IEC61000-4-2, +/-8 kV contact. DALI: IEC60929 Annex E. LIGHTING MANAGEMENT PANEL PSG11 AXION CONTROLS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 16A circuit breakers have a 65 kAIC series rating when used with available main circuit breaker. LIGHTING MANAGEMENT PANEL Module Count Enclosure Size 1 Small 2 Small 3 Small 4 Medium 5 Medium 6 Medium 7 Large 8 Large 9 Large PANEL SIZE DIMENSION SMALL MEDIUM LARGE A 32-5/8 (82.9) 47-1/2 (120.7) 61-3/8 (155.9) B 31-3/16 (79.2) 46-1/8 (117.2) 60 (152.4) C 20-5/16 (51.6) 20-5/16 (51.6) 20-5/16 (516) D 19-1/2 (49.5) 19-1/2 (49.5) 19-1/2 (49.5) E 3-3/8 (8.6) 3-3/8 (8.6) 3-3/8 (8.6) F 28-11/16 (72.9) 43-5/8 (110.8) 57-1/2 (146.1) G 17 (43.2) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. A F B E C D G ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: FSC LMP 2A3L2R1B MVOLT 4ML 20A

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