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100 Digital Facts About Digital Lighting Embedded controls offer best in class flexibility and energy savings. It's a digital world. Think about how simple connectivity has become: personal computers, MP3 players, cellular phones-and add digital lighting to that growing list. Linking manual and automatic controls is as simple as connecting a Cat-5 cable. Contrary to fluorescent lighting, LEDs are not negatively impacted by on/offswitching and LEDs become more efficient as they are dimmed. Out-of-the-box energy savings with digital lumen management. Energy savings of about 10% over system life and 20% savings on day one (see below). Included on all RTLED luminaires. PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 100 Connect nLight controls to Lithonia Lighting LED luminaires using only a Cat-5 cable. IT'S THAT EASY! Digital Lumen Management Enjoy 20% savings on day one and 10% average over the life of the fixture. Manual Dimming Luminaires enabled with nLight technology offer full-range dimming. Recommended as "best practice" due to occupant satisfaction. Bi-Level Switching Luminaires enabled with nLight technology can be programmed to simulate bi-level switching. While limiting occupant control, energy savings is generally greater than dimming. Occupancy Sensors Full range of PIR and dual-technology sensors to meet any space or control requirements. Photosensors (daylight harvesting) Simplify installation and reap the benefits of daylight harvesting. Combined Strategies Create an energy savings multiplier effect. Control strategies are easily combined with a Cat-5 cable. For example: manual dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. SOFTWARE FOR YOUR HARDWARE SensorView TM Software Provides global control of lighting system Provides remote access and control from any network computer Shows detailed screens with real-time lighting and occupancy status Creates scheduled lighting control profiles Compiles event logs, device inventory and lighting run-time reports Enables remote programming for every individual sensor Personal Controls (Virtual WallPods) Manually raise or lower overhead lighting from your desktop Convenient taskbar applet Simple to use and requires no additional hardware LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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