Outdoor Controls Technical Guide Page 2 Why Controls?

Reduction in Energy and Maintenance Costs Applying lighting controls can save 25 to 45 percent of the lighting energy in many spaces. The right controls strategy can also have a positive impact on a project's return on investment by not only reducing energy consumption, but also lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of new and existing luminaires. Proper use of controls can even enhance retail commerce by providing reliably lit commercial areas. Safety Monitoring and diagnostics in outdoor lighting spaces enable quick response to lighting failures, virtually eliminating customer complaints, while helping to provide more rapid restoration of luminaire operation. Reliable, high-quality lighting systems improve visibility, which can help deter crime. Site-Wide Control Intelligent lighting controls simplify complex projects with graphical interface management of larger lighting systems. In many cases, the lighting control system can seamlessly connect to already-installed site automation systems. Proper use of these control systems can also provide simple steps to reduction of light trespass and pollution. In today's world, lighting designers, engineers and facility managers have to do more with less. Shrinking budgets, expanding energy regulations and increased consumer demand require an outdoor lighting system that is simultaneously cost effective and code compliant, yet delivers a safe and secure environment. A lighting strategy that incorporates more modern, efficient lighting with digital controls helps customers realize significant advantages over lighting-only options. Why Controls? 2 Outdoor Controls Technical Guide

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