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Industrial Solutions Application Guide Acuity Brands Manufacturing and Distribution Center 209,400-square-foot facility In industrial settings, lighting is more than illumination. Lighting must comply with building energy codes, use energy efficiently, promote safety and productivity, and be easy to maintain. Often, your lighting equipment must do all of that and thrive in extreme environments. And without straining your budget or maintenance resources. Acuity Brands understands these pressures because we are industrial. We have manufacturing and distribution warehouses all over the world where we face the same challenges you do. And Your industrial lighting needs are varied. Our solutions are proven. for nearly a century, industrial facility managers, owners, specifiers and engineers have partnered with us to integrate lighting and controls into warehouses, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities and more. We are your single-source provider of today's most innovative lighting technologies for use in any kind of condition, no matter how extreme. We offer products and services that deliver real results by helping you maintain a facility that is cost- effective, safe and productive.

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