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1 Expect your lighting to do more for your bottom line. Traditional lighting is a drain on your resources. It wastes energy It's costly to maintain - in both time and money It struggles to comply with ever-changing energy codes It leaves employees in darker spaces, which can affect productivity and safety Our solutions can turn things around. Acuity Brands understands the everyday challenges of maintaining a good lighting system. We know that getting the most from your lighting means more money you can invest in your business. Optimize your industrial space by starting with LED luminaires that save energy and minimize maintenance. As you invest more in sensors, automated networked controls and BMS integration, you gain additional benefits that reduce your total cost of operation. Benefits of an optimized industrial facility: Savings Realized through reduced energy use, labor and maintenance. Flexibility Components provide control over your lighting environment with tools that evolve as your operation does. Operational Efficiency Achieved through increased productivity, improved safety and reallocated resources. Visual Comfort Supports reduced worker fatigue and higher, more consistent production. S OE VC F Gateway Commerce Center 524,800-square-foot distribution center Agent: JP Engineering

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