Everyday Lighting Solutions Page 37 Recessed Lighting

Shielded Minimize direct view of the light source and concentrate light for a specific illumination objective. Wallwash (W) Bathe vertical surfaces with uniform light to hightlight items on a wall and make a room feel larger. Applications: wallwashing, grazing Pinhole/Slotted (S) Provide drama by concentrating light through a small opening; ideal for highlighting place settings, artwork and collectibles. Applications: accent Trim Finishes White (W) Highly reflective; blends into white ceilings. Standard for open trims with no finish. Lensed (L) Lenses or diffusers obscure the lamp and spread or focus light. Showers, closets and eaves or soffits are the most popular places for lensed trims. Polycarbonate Lenses An opal diffuser provides wide distribution of light. A prismatic lens provides 50% more light than an opal diffuser. Applications: general, wet location Glass Lenses Provide an upscale appearance and higher wattage capabilities. Opal diffusers offer wide light distribution. Flat white diffusers provide uniform light with minimal brightness and fresnel lenses concentrate light distribution. Applications: general, wet location Adjustable Available for highlighting artwork, furniture, walls and other architectural features. Eyeballs (E and RE) & Gimbals (G) Eyeballs adjust vertically up to 35 and rotate 350. Gimbals rotate 180. Applications: task, accent Low Voltage Recessed (V) Adjustable directional lighting with the lamp above the ceiling. Applications: accent Matte White (MW) Low-gloss finish matches white ceilings with less sheen. Black Absorbs light; minimizes glare. Standard for baffle trims with no finish. Clear Specular (AZ) Excellent light control; matches chrome design elements. Clear Diffuse (A) Light control with low glare; matches chrome design elements. Brushed Nickel (BN) Compliments stainless steel appliances and bathroom and kitchen hardware. Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) Distinguished look for wood ceilings and matches bathroom and kitchen hardware. Acuity Brands 37

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