Everyday Lighting Solutions Page 36 Recessed Lighting

Applications Wet-Lite (H2O) A lens-free design delivers up to 30% more light than standard wet location trims. The Wet-Lite is ideal for applications that require higher light levels like assisted-living facilities or nursing homes. Includes lamp. Applications: general, wet location Sloped Baffle (SB) & Open (SO) 2/12 ceiling pitch 6/12 ceiling pitch 12/12 ceiling pitch General or ambient lighting fills an area with even illumination. Proper ambient lighting facilitates movement and makes occupants feel comfortable. Accent lighting draws the eye to a given object by bathing it in significantly brighter light than the surrounding area. Task lighting provides light for the job at hand, focusing on work surfaces that require higher levels of illumination than general lighting. Grazing creates a dramatic shadowed effect on textured surfaces. Wallwashing produces uniform illumination on vertical surfaces to expand space and accentuate walls. Baffle (B) Multiple grooves help reduce glare and minimize ceiling brightness. The crisp lines and classic look of the baffle have made it the most popular trim style. Applications: general, task, accent Open (O) The smooth surface of an open trim creates wide light patterns and maximizes the efficiency of the light source. Applications: general, task, accent Recessed downlighting Lithonia Lighting recessed downlighting offers optimum performance and aesthetics. Whether a project calls for a simple home solution or a commercial application, our breadth and depth of offering is designed with satisfied customers in mind. Lithonia Lighting's unique design creates a round aperture to match standard trims unlike poorly designed sloped trims with elliptical apertures. Tool-free adjustability on ceilings with pitches from 2/12 to 12/12 (10 to 45). Applications: slope ceiling Recessed Lighting 36

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